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500 guests confirmed to attend Boao Int'l Tourism Forum

More than 500 guests have been confirmed to attend the Boao International Tourism Forum almost a month before the forum opens on March 20.

Statistics from the Preparatory Committee for the Boao International Tourism Forum show that more than 500 guests have confirmed their presence at the forum, many of whom actively applied for attendance. There have been more applications than expected. The deadline for registrations is the end of the month.

Most of the guests who have confirmed their presence are representatives and elite members of tourism-related industries, domestic and foreign politicians or former politicians, or executives of the world's top 500 companies. About a dozen athletes, coaches, sports experts and officials involved in The Vancouver Olympic Winter Games have been invited to the forum; the date is likely to be confirmed after the games.

An official from the Preparatory Committee for the forum said that the number of confirmed guests is far greater than expected. The business community and media are especially interested in obtaining information from the forum, while, many high-level guests are eager to be guest speakers and express their views.