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Nanjing and Taiwan to promote in-depth tourist routes

It is learned from Nanjing Municipal Government that the tourism departments of Nanjing and Taiwan are planning to work together to promote dozens of in-depth tourist routes between each other.

The tourism administration department of Nanjing has been communicating with large travel agencies in Taiwan, including Lion Travel, Protour, Phoenix Tours, and Life Tour. It has investigated the requirements of the Taiwan market, and has designed more than ten tourist products that can satisfy the differing needs of different age groups in Taiwan.

Taiwan's tourism enterprises have mainly introduced in-depth products to Nanjing's travel agencies, such as an in-depth rustic charm tour in Nantou, a bicycle tour in Taipei and Kaohsiung, and a hot spring tour in Taipei County.

Besides, Nanjing Tourism Administration has signed cooperative agreements with the tourism departments of Taipei County and Nantou County. They will launch cooperative ventures in training, mutual promotion, in-depth tourist product development, festivals and events, and other fields.