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Haikou joins hands with Mianyang to increase tourism

The Haikou Tourism Development Committee and Mianyang Tourism Bureau in Sichuan province have signed an agreement to integrate their tourism resources and to improve the core competitiveness of their tourism industries.

The two cities will integrate Mianyang's landscape culture and Haikou's tropical marine culture; enhance cooperation with the Pearl River Delta region; and set up a cooperation mechanism including tourism cooperation development coordination mechanism, personnel training and exchange mechanism, and a create major problem-solving interaction mechanism.

They will collaborate with airlines to open air routes and encourage charter flights between Haikou and Mianyang; introduce featured tourist routes and products based on Haikou's golf and tropical marine culture, Mianyang's historic culture and earthquake relics, and Jiuzhaigou's natural landscape; encourage tourism enterprises to conduct cooperation with their opposite numbers in the other city; and encourage teenagers to learn from each other to create a harmonious environment.

In addition, tourism departments and enterprises from both cities will set up a joint promotion and marketing system to introduce their tourist attractions to the other side and tour groups organized by tourism enterprises in the two cities will enjoy preferential policies. They will organize travel salesman and media to investigate and visit each other and assist with tourism promotional and marketing activities.