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Northeast China Tourism Industry Development Plan published

The China National Development and Reform Commission and the National Tourism Administration have jointly published the Northeast China Tourism Industry Development Plan, setting out requirements for the strategic positioning, development goals and major tasks of tourism industry in Northeast China over the next five to ten years.

The plan postulates that it will take about ten years to build Northeast China into a world famous snow and ice tourist area and a temperate zone ecotourism area; a major comprehensive historical and cultural tourist area and MICE tourist area in Northeast Asia; and an important ecological, snow and ice, summer resort, border and cultural tourism destination in China. It is also hoped to develop the tourism industry into the leading industry for the restructuring of China's old northeast industrial base, a leading industry for modern service industries, and the key industry for the transformation of resources-based cities.

According to the plan, the major tasks for Northeast China's tourism industry coves six aspects. First, building a tourism product system of sustainable competitiveness; second, constructing a new pattern of spatial development that is harmonious and orderly; third, strengthening the development of the tourism market; fourth, completing tourism service system; fifth, enhancing regional cooperation in tourism; and sixth, giving full play to tourism in the transformation of resources-based cities.

To guarantee the successful implementation of the plan, it is also suggested that a mechanism be developed to ensure the sound development of the tourism industry, strengthen the management of tourism resources by governmental departments, consummate the construction of tourism public service system, and support enterprises to form large-scale tourism groups.