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China's biggest wine museum opens in Qingdao

Various bottles of wine are seen at Qingdao
            Wine Museum. [Photo:]

Various bottles of wine are seen at Qingdao Wine Museum. [Photo:] 

Dubbed the biggest wine museum so far in China, the 8,800-square-meter wine museum in Qingdao of east China's Shandong province has recently received its first batch of visitors.

The construction of the museum was started in 2009 with investment from the government of the scenic coastal city. The museum introduces the origins and history of wine in the region, and informs visitors on wine culture and quality. And for wine lovers, the opportunity to taste wines from all over the world.

Inside the museum, a main corridor of 192-meters long is divided into the brewing knowledge zone, a basso-relievo of the world famous wine village zone, as well as an oil painting zone.

Detailed introduction and exhibitions are illustrated through multi-media. In addition, there are some special exhibition zones, like the sculpture of the wine god, wine containers, banks of wine and wine cache, to name just a few.

Among these zones, the Chinese zone features a replica of a cultural relic digging scene, witnessing a wine history of thousands of years in China. Traditional wine containers and oak barrels with hundreds of years of history can also be found in this zone.