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Huangshan Mountains Fascinate Foreign Visitors

On June 26, 2010, a group of foreign guests from various overseas  travel agencies and tourism communities climbed Huangshan Mountain,  which is located at the south of Anhui province.


The rain from the day before has cooled the air thus making the  weather ideal for mountain climbing. With its clear skies and fresh air,  visitors were able to get a clear and beautiful view of Huangshan  Mountain’s stunning pine trees and magnificent rocks.


The group rode the Yungu cable car to White Goose Ridge Station  before continuing their journey to Bright Peak, Baiyun Hotel, Beihai  Hotel, Black Tiger Pine, Couple Pine and Shixin Peak.


All the foreign guests were excited about their experience.

"This is a great chance to explore Huangshan Mountains, which is totally  unearthed and unexplored. This is like a dream come true. I’ve been  told this is the most fantastic location in the world.” said Benjamin  Simon, managing director of an India-based Travellink, who came to know  of Huangshan Mountain from a tour guide when he was traveling in China’s  Lijiang.


"It’s a big stress in  Shanghai. You’ll find rural areas in Anhui are quite different now. If  you don’t get out of the city, you’ll never know what the country is  like,” said Arianna Pradella, who is responsible for commercial travels  in Italy.

With the support of  18 overseas offices of the China National Tourism Department, 120 travel  agencies and overseas tourism communities were invited to take part in  the Anhui Promotion Event. The event is part of Anhui Promotion Week  which runs from June 23 to June 28. Travel agencies represented were  from the US, Canada, Germany, Japan and South Korea and other countries.