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Gansu to invest 500 million in tourism

Starting from 2011, Gansu province will invest 500 million yuan to improve its tourism infrastructure and develop three national tourist routes.

According to "Opinions on Speeding up the Development of the Tourism Industry in Gansu Province", the province will arrange a 100 million yuan tourism development fund each year from 2011 to support tourism infrastructure construction, tourism promotion and publicity, and the development of key tourism products.

Gansu has initiated the "321 brand-drive strategy" in tourism industry. Here 3 refers to three state-level tourist routes: the Silk Road, Yellow River Culture, and Greater Shangri-La; 2 refers to two growth routes: the Gannan-Longnan-Dingxi-Baiyin-Qingying red tourism route and the Tianshui-Longnan Ancient Three Kingdoms ruins; 1 refers to a one-hour leisure travel circle with Lanzhou as its center.

Moreover, the province will promote the Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes, Mingsha Mountain and Crescent Moon Spring, Jiayuguang Great Wall, Xiahe Labrang Monastery, Tianshui Maiji Mountain, Pingliang Kongtong Mountain, and Three Gorges of the Yellow River; and will introduce a batch of new tourism products such as Dunhuang Yardang landforms, Zhangye colored hills, and Qilian Mountain Grassland.

It is expected that by 2011 Gansu will finish the reconstruction of 1,000 tourist toilets, ensuring that the toilets in major tourism cities, scenic spots, tourist dining venues and along major tourist routes can meet the star-rated standards, and complete the construction of tourism signs along freeways and in key scenic spots; by 2012 there should be 1,000 high-quality sightseeing buses; by 2015, there will be at least five five-star hotels in Lanzhou and at least one five-star hotel in each of Gansu's major tourism cities.