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Hide in Guiyang, escape the heat wave

The dog days, between early July and early September, is the hottest  time of the year in China. People in many regions endure the sauna-like  weather during this time. By contrast, Guiyang, known as China's summer  capital, always keeps its highest temperature at about 26 degree. With  this in mind, why not consider hiding in Guiyang to escape the summer  heat.


A summer resort for tourists who love water


Guiyang is the capital of Guizhou  Province, in southwest China. Even in the dog days, tourists will feel  the cool air as soon as they arrive in Guiyang. Life here is so  attractive: tourists can play with monkeys in Qianling Mountain in the  early morning, enjoy Chinese tea in Jiaxiu Building in the late morning,  stroll around the tea town and flower market in the afternoon, fly a  kite in Wenchang Pavilion at dusk, have a walk along Nanming River and  eat snake at the night market on Hequn Road to end a perfect day.

There are eight major summer resorts in  Guiyang. Huaxi Park is a cool place well worth visiting. Smart and  elegant, the Huaxi River flows through the romantic Huaxi Park. At the  height of the summer, visitors can go boating and swim in the cool  water, and lovers can walk along the stream to enjoy the romantic  atmosphere.

Adjacent to the park, there is Tianhe  Pond. The pond is as exquisite as a bonsai. If you take a boat through  the landscape, the scorching summer will go by without a trace. Perhaps a  better choice is to stay at Qingyan Old Town for a few days. The  stretch of bluestone and the old-fashioned fortress reflect upon ancient  events.


A paradise for tourists who love spicy food 

Guiyang is also famous for its spicy food. It is indeed the first choice  for people who are eager for spicy food. Guiyang people like to go for  enjoyment. They normally do not have a lot of money. It's not because of  their low income, but more because they use most of their income to eat  and play. Guiyang people do not pay much attention to the eating  environment, so various food stalls along the street are the places  where they like to eat. Even at three o'clock in the morning, food  stalls still flourish.



Shopping: The special local products of  Guiyang include beef jerky, pepper, wood art, traditional Chinese  medicine, Miao silver, horn products, and rugged totem masks. Guiyang's  shopping areas are mainly on Zunyi Road, Ruijin Road, Zhonghua Road,  Yan'an Road, Zhongshan Road and other main urban corridors.

Food: Hequn Road night market is the  largest snake market. Traditional snacks of Guiyang are basically found  there.