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Four scenic spots worth visiting in Tangshan


The movie "Aftershock" brings Tangshan into the focus of concern in recent days. Now, 34 years after the big earthquake, Tangshan has become an important tourist city in North China with six national AAAA level and seven national AAA level scenic spots.

Tangshan Earthquake Memorial Park

Located to the north of Yuegezhuang Road in Tangshan, Hebei Province, Tangshan Earthquake Memorial Park was built to commemorate the earthquake that killed more than 240,000 people in 1976 in Tangshan. The park is divided into four zones including earthquake ruins, lake area, rubble square area and woods. It demonstrates the theme of "Revere nature, care for human life, pursue science, and remember the past".

Travel tips:

Free admission

Transportation: take Tourism Line 1 and get off at the park

Kailuan National Mine Park

Kailuan Coal Mine is called the living fossils of China's coal industry. The development of Kailuan Coal Mine holds up two cities as Tangshan and Qinhuangdao.

Formally opened in 2009, Kailuan National Mine Park will be built in three phases. The first-phase project "China's Northern Modern Industry Exposition" is composed of "Mining Industry Culture Expo Section" and "Mining Relics Exhibition Section", which includes scenic spots such as museum, main stele, secondary stele, three major industrial relics etc. The second and third-phase constructions of the park are under execution and preparation.

Travel tips:

Admission fee: 30 yuan

Opening hours:

Mining Museum: 8:30~11:30; 14:00~17:00 (Tue.-Sun.); closes on Mondays; the ticket office closes at 16:30

Location: Zone A, Kailuan-Tangshan Mines, south side of Xishankou Club

The Great Wall under Water (Xifengkou Great Wall)

The Great Wall extends 220 kilometers in Tangshan. Along the Great Wall, there are many scenic spots worth visiting. The reception facilities are fairly complete. Visitors can try the local farmer's meal when enjoying the imposing gesture of the old wall.

Xifengkou Great Wall, or the Great Wall under water is quite unique among many Great Wall sections in Tangshan. Located 40 kilometers to the north of Qianxi county, most part of Xifengkou Great Wall has been flooded by the construction of Panjiakou Reservoir. But some sections are still dimly visible. The combination of natural scenery and cultural relics makes Xifengkou Great Wall a hot travel destination.

Transport: Visitors can drive along Jingshen Expressway, get off at Fengrun Exit, go north along Fengdong Road to Qianxi county, drive west along Bangkuan Road and arrive at Xifengkou Great Wall.

Leting Three Islands

Leting county has 98 kilometers-long coastline. Contrasting finely with each other, the Bodhi Island, Yuetuo Island and Jinsha Island are promising land for ecotourism.

Covering an area of 2.09 square kilometers, Bodhi Island is the biggest one in North China. It is an international base for watching birds and an ecological tourist model area at provincial level. Odd-shaped plants are seen here and there on the island. The countless bodhi trees make it a wonderful sight in North China.

Yuetuo Island is surrounded on all sides by deep bluish-green sea, which makes it a perfect destination for those who want to beat the city heat. This island is known throughout North China as the most attractive maritime region because of both its tourist attractions and its abundance of wildlife.

Jinsha Island is located in Bohai Bay to the southwest of Leting county. Covering an area of 10 square kilometers, it is a perfect bathing place which provides a variety of entertainment content.