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Hong Kong promotes high-speed railway tour

The opening of several mainland high-speed railway lines not only promotes urbanization, but also contributes to the development of the tourism, real estate and construction industries on the Chinese mainland. Hong Kong's tourist industry also benefits from these new lines, the Hong Kong-based Chinese language newspaper Wen Wei Po has reported.

Since its launch at the beginning of this year, the Hong Kong high-speed railway tour has added hundreds of new tours. Some tourism personnel believe that the completion of the Hong Kong high-speed railway will provide convenient access to Hong Kong from the mainland for an increasing amount of foreign travelers.

Li Zhenting, the general manager of Miramar Travel, said the high-speed railway is a new element for Hong Kong tourism. He also praised the high service standards of the mainland high-speed railway and the reasonable price for tickets.

High-speed railway tours have earned a reputation for excellence. At first, the major group of tourists on the high-speed railway tour was aged people who preferred to visit their hometowns using the new transportation. But as the railway became more well-known, the number of young visitors increased.

Wu Xi'an, the general manager of the Hong Kong and Macao marketing center of China Travel Service (Hong Kong) said the number of high-speed railway tours has increased from 18 at the beginning of this year to 560 by the end of July, involving 15 thousand tourists. More people are choosing the high-speed railway tour because it is fresh, fast and cheaper than traveling by plane.

Li Zhenting is positive about the outlook for the Hong Kong high-speed railway after its completion in 2015. He believes that it will not only save precious travel time, but also promotes Hong Kong tourism and business because of its easy access to the mainland. He also emphasized that high-speed railway has changed China's railway industry and will benefit visitors from all over the world who are interested in traveling around the Chinese mainland.