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Folk Art Festival kicks off in Jiangsu

The International Folk Art Festival is underway in east China's Jiangsu province.

The event provides a feast of international folk art performances, which includes heart-throbbing drum beats, and some of South America's hottest dances.

The art troupes come from five different continents, presenting their unique folk songs and music on one stage. In this Czech performance, young dancers wave their axes to show their happiness in farm work.

A Czech dancer said, "In the past, an ax is something we bring everywhere, we used it for cutting trees, or to protect our livestock. But of course now, it is just a tool to express our happiness in dance."

The international Folk Art festival is the largest event of its kind in China. It features diversified folk songs, dances and instruments from different cultures.

Feng Yuan, secretary of China Fed. of Literary and Art Circles, said, "Up till now, more than 100 art troupes from 52 countries and regions participated in this festival. More than 30 cities in China have hosted the event."

Next Wednesday, the festival will move to Beijing and have an art exchange with local universities. Their final performance will be at the National Center for Performing Arts next Sunday.