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Guangzhou promotes Asian Games tours

Guangzhou Tower is one of the landmarks in Guangzhou.[Photo: Agencies] 


The Guangzhou Tourism Bureau is introducing Asian Games Tours, which present traditional attractions as well as new landmarks of Guangzhou under Asian Games-themed tours.

On offer are one-day tours to sites from the 1911 Revolution, which overthrew the Qing Dynasty and ended thousands of years of Chinese feudalism; two-day tours of the attractions of new Guangzhou and the landscapes along the Pearl River; and three-day tours to the sites of the Maritime Silk Road.

Integrating the Asian Games, culture and tourism, these travel routes will showcase the new achievements of the Asian Games culture and city tourism in Guangzhou, and allow tourists to experience traditional and modern culture. One-day tours begin at 90 yuan.

Guangzhou-based travel agency West Holiday is the only authorized organizer of these tours.