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Gansu plans more than 550 star-hotels by 2015

According to a document recently released by the Gansu's tourism bureau the province aims to have more than 550 star-rated hotels and resorts by 2015, as part of the development of its tourism sector.

The document says that there are expected to be more than 26 five-star hotels in Gansu, 10 of which will be in Lanzhou, the capital of Gansu; the number of four-star hotels will exceed 80; that of three-star hotels will be greater than 250; and the number of two- and one-star hotels will hit 200.

During the 12th five-year plan period, Gansu's annual tourism revenue is expected to grow by at an average rate of 20% and the number of visitor arrivals will increase at an average annual rate of 18%. The province's tourism sector will also create 20,000 new jobs each year.

Currently Gansu Province has 315 star-rated hotels, three of which are five-star, 38 are four-star, 128 are three-star, 132 are two-star, and 14 are one-star.

In addition, the province will focus on developing at set of key tourism routes, namely Lanzhou-Baiyin, Jiuquan-Jiayuguan-Dunhuang, and Tianshui-Pingliang.