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Jilin rime - Ice flowers in fairy tales


In China's northeast Jilin Province, there is an unfrozen river, even in cold winter, running through the province, called Songhua River, both of whose banks are decorated with beautiful rime, the natural wonder representative of Jilin.

Jilin Rime is well-known for its fantastic fusion of ice flowers hanging on pine trees. It is regarded as one of China's four natural wonders, together with the Stone Forest in Yunnan, Mountains and Waters in Guilin and as the Three Gorges in the Yangtze River.

According to meteorologists, rime is a kind of phenomenon where winter fog condenses on tree branches and leaves to form individual white ice crystals. The following are some popular locations across Jilin Province to witness this great wonder.

Jilin Rime is well-known for its fantastic fusion of ice flowers hanging on pine trees.


Songjiang Road

Along Songjiang Middle Road, Binjiang Park, Guofangyuan and then Songjiang East Road, rime forms at different times in different places. Taking a stroll here in the fog can be a miraculous experience. However, we have to wait and see when the rime will actually show.

How to get there: Bus line 1, 8, 30, 42.

Rime Island

Boasting the best place to see rime in Jilin, the Rime Island is a natural islet formed in the center of the Songhua River. The unique geographic location enables Rime Island to be encased in thick fog through the winter, so almost every day in winter, rime appears here.

At sunrise or sunset, thousands of mallards and swan geese fly over the river. Under the red sun, silver rime creates an amazing view that draws countless shutterbugs, striving to capture the beauty.

How to get there: walk east along Songjiang River, go down Wula Street, Manchu Town and get into Hantun. The several islets in the River are together called Rime Island.

Tips: The average temperature on the island is minus 18-30 degrees Celsius. Be sure to keep warm. For shutterbugs, keep your lens well protected and also your hands.

A Shi Rime Corridor

Rime is frequently seen at A Shi Rime Corridor. The rime-lined long corridor snakes its way along Songjiang River, resembling an extraordinary and surreal wonderland. But the best location for photography is said to be at Wujiashao, just across the river.

Songhuahu Snow Field

The best shooting location is on top of the mountains at Songhuahu Snow Field, where large areas of a well preserved forest are dressed in ice and snow. This place offers a perfect sight, as depicted in late Chinese chairman Mao Zedong's famous poems.

Beidahu Snow Field

Rime is frequently seen at Beidahu Snow Field. Besides the natural wonder, this place boasts a perfect destination to enjoy skiing while admiring the beautiful rime.