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Spring is a fabulous time to go to Hangzhou

Spring is a fabulous time to go to Hangzhou People say get ready for the New Year. New Year resolutions start at the spring time. Get rid of the thickness of cold winter. Spring is returning, better get prepared to receive the marvelous warm sunshine. When it comes to spring travel, it is a fabulous time to travel to Hangzhou. As Marco Polo describes it, Hangzhou is "beyond dispute the finest and the noblest in the world". Let’s start to plan a Hangzhou tour.


Visit Hangzhou in Spring

In Hangzhou, when people mention West Lake, there is nothing you cannot say to compliment it. Have you cruise across the West Lake to enjoy the sceneries? The Tree Pools Mirroring the Moon, the Bai and Su causeways, and Solitary Hill. Let the boat start to ride at the Fish & Flower harbor and ends up by the Shangri-la Hotel. You will have a unforgettable experience. In addition, a trip to China Tea Museum is necessary. You can also visit Meijiawu Tea Plantation. Thus you can discover the history of Chinese tea and the tea ceremony. Don’t forget the Qiantang River and the Six Harmonies Pagoda.

Why go to Hangzhou in spring?

The weather is neither too cold nor hot. There are less tourist crowds of summer. Travel to Hangzhou in spring is an excellent choice. Plus the flight tickets are with higher discounts except for special holidays. Isn’t it terrific to go to a lovely place and see the flowers blossom at the same time? Spring is quite pleasant in Hangzhou although it sometimes rains. Most time the weather is quite nice. The wind breezes and the new tree leaves wave. You can have an outside picnic anytime you want. At the end of spring, temperatures can get quite warmer.

Hangzhou, the Paradise

With a colorful history and culture which has spanning over 2000 years, Hangzhou has made its name as one of the more attractive tourist attractions in China. In the ancient time, the Grand Canel between Beijing and Hangzhou opened up and connected trade and economy. The royal family once moved here in the Song dynasty. It is a city with

not only beautiful sceneries but also historical stories and traditions. In a long time, Hangzhou is the get together of artists, poets, calligraphers and painters. Are you seeking a place named Paradise? There is no better answer than Hangzhou.