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About 337 climbers attempting Mt. Qomolangma this spring

The number of climbers participating in Mt. Everest (also called Qomolangma) expeditions has increased by around 28 percent this spring as compared to the same season last year.

A total of 337 climbers from various countries have got permission to attempt the world's tallest mountain from Nepali side this spring, while the number stood at around 263 in the same season of 2011, according to the Tourism Industry Division under the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation.

The number of expeditions has also grown to 32 this spring as against 26 in spring last year. According to Tuesday's The Rising Nepal daily, though there is no chance for additional expeditions to Everest for this season, the total number of expeditions is likely to reach 100 this spring due to an increase in expeditions attempting other mountains in the remaining period of the season, said Komal Shrestha of the Mountaineering Section at the Tourism Industry Division.

The increase in the number of Mt. Everest expeditors was due to the impact of the Nepal Tourism Year 2011 and favorable tourism environment in the country, he said. 

To encourage expeditions during all seasons, the government is offering different royalties during spring, autumn, and winter and summer seasons.

The royalty rate for spring is the highest and mountaineers need to pay only half that in autumn season and one-fourth in winter and summer seasons.

Around 3,000 people have climbed the world's tallest peak since it was first conquered by Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay in 1953.