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Spring Blooms in China


Spring comes to China in April, bringing amazing flowers to cities and fields. Blue sky, green grass, red flowers and refresh air attract numerous tourists to go out of home. Let us enjoy the fabulous spring together in China!


Cherry in Beijing


Spring Cherry Blossoms in Beijing are always a favorite among other species of flowers for citizens and tourists alike, partly because of its rarity and partly due to its swiftness. The short extant life of the pure and delicate blossom covers just seven days. The capital's Yuyuantan Park is a popular venue to view cherry blossoms with species domestically-cultivated or introduced from Japan. 

Peony in Luoyang


The 30th Peony Flower Festival is currently underway in Luoyang, the capital city of central China's Henan province, and the event has seen increasing numbers of visitors since mid April. As the center of culture and economics for as many as 13 dynasties throughout history, Luoyang is often praised as the "City of the Peony". In Chinese tradition, the peony flower is a symbol of royalty and wealth. The festival, featuring 1200 varieties of peony flowers in bloom, runs until May 5.