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Qingyuan Village the Most Beautyful Village in China

Qingyuan Village,Wuyuan

Qingyuan Village is located in mountains of Wuyuan, which is a symbol of many unknown but great towns or villages in rural area. Long-term folk culture, custom and history have it become a charming gem of Chinese countryside tour. Tranquil world and simple life always satisfy the comers.

The ancient buildings are distributed in villages and many folk buildings are built on the streamside or riverside. The houses stand backing on mountains and are themed with the white walls and black tiles.

In villages, the lanes and streets as well as streams and rivers are all connected naturally. The green stone-paved streets give the visitors the feeling of simplicity and tranquility. Diversities of bridges crossing the rivers present a picture themed with bridges, streams and houses. It is absolutely a Chinese traditional painting highlighted with rural beauty. It is the brilliant gem of the Wuyuan tour.

Traditionally, Wuyuan boasted the traditional education center and tea center. Crowned to be China's Most Beautiful Village, Wuyuan has been nationally famous as the eco-tour destination. And as one essential part of Huizhou culture, Wuyuan has been one hot destination for visitors or culture lovers to explore. Without any influence from Chinese modernization and urbanization, Wuyuan still keeps its mystery and elegance as a center of classical beauty and traditional lifestyle.