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This Time, Flowers Rule the Fair


flower fair

The Fall Flower Fair will be held in Shanghai from September to October with a theme of "Experience the Natural Beauty".

In recent years, flower fairs were mainly about stunning three-dimensional flowerbeds, potted plants, topiaries and other show forms.

Despite the popular appeal of such fairs, flowers - the key role player - only accounted for about 20 percent of the total exhibits, as dazzling artificial constructions and elaborate pots took the spotlight. They also produced waste and high costs for logistical support, labor and disposal.

This year's fair has been redesigned to meet the concept of sustainable development and environmental friendly consideration. In Shanghai Binjiang Forest Park, it covers about 70,000 square meters with flowers naturally growing on the ground.

The color variations of the flower were chosen by experts to create palette-like landscapes. Fifty selected local residents got the opportunity to grow their own flower seeds in field of about 400 square meters under the guidance of flower experts and professionals.

The entire fair, from the seed-sowing to the ongoing blossoming, has been posted via the Twitter-like weibo so enthusiasts can choose the best time to visit.