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Frightful fun for the family


When pumpkins, witch hats and spiders make their annual appearance it's easy to tell that Halloween is approaching.

Celebration of the Western holiday has become increasingly popular in China, due to the number of expats that have moved to the country's major cities.

Nowadays it's just as likely to be celebrated by young Chinese and there's plenty for them to do this year.

Happy Valley, a popular amusement park in Songjiang district, has prepared a full list of activities to welcome Halloween visitors.

The entire park will be filled with pumpkins, some made into houses and pyramids.

In addition to pumpkin bowling and pumpkin carving lessons, visitors will also get a chance to make pies and porridge made of pumpkins.

Five themed haunted houses will be another highlight, while a nighttime parade of ghosts and ghouls should be entertaining.

Many downtown clubs and bars will also host Halloween parties and if you take a trip to the Old Pier and its fashionable bars there will no doubt be a lot of people in Halloween costumes to brighten up the atmosphere.