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New Year's Eve 2013 in Beijing


New Year's Eve, Beijing

As the last hours of 2012 tick to a close, expats and Beijingers alike will begin scrambling to decide how they will ring in the New Year. The problem with New Year's Eve in Beijing - too many parties - isn't a common one.

This year the two biggest countdown gatherings will be at the Summer Palace (an unfortunately non-public event where 4,000 invitees will take in government funded performances and a laser lights show) and The Place, where thousands of revelers will squeeze together underneath the 6,000-square-meter television screen for a 60-second countdown to 2013.

Yes, it's good for people to get their yell on with thousands of comrades simultaneously, but the fact remains that by Beijing standards, at 12:15 a.m. the night is still in its infancy.

Luckily, Beijing is a city where bars and clubs are never hard to reach, and on this particular night every one of them will have its own self-styled celebration.

For those who want to continue on with excessive numbers, Yen is hosting its annual rager backed up by Beijing's brightest and best DJ wizards. A massive 798 Art District factory space will house the event, where booming bass, high-pitched buzzing sounds and repetitive 4-4 beats will pound it out until morning.

This Yen party has a reputation for hedonism: The young and the restless will drown out the past with wobbly bass lines and shots from plastic cups. They'll raise their arms to the future, impressively revealing even more midriff.

For those who prefer something only slightly more civilized, there's Migas. Sanlitun bars aren't known for their high taste in music, but Migas is the exception. Funk is the theme of this New Year's gig, so shine your platform shoes, bust out your blow-out comb and get ready to glitter.