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Macao: Jump it Out!


Macao Bungy Jump

Macao has a reputation for being a city of high rollers, but for those who don't get enough thrill from playing blackjack, Macao is also bolstering its image as being a city for high jumpers. That is to say, Macao is well known for its casinos, but its reputation for having the highest bungy jump on the planet is a newer phenomenon that is gaining more and more notoriety with every pair of feet that leap off its edge.

The sixth anniversary of the Macao Tower Bungy Jump was celebrated this past December with the event "Crazy Bungy Battle". The event started with bungy jumpers doing an animated performance of Gangnam style while lining the outside perimeter of the tower before a crew of djembe drummers pounded out some rhythms. The natural climax was when one drummer gripped his drum tightly before throwing himself off the edge of the 223 meter high platform into the emptiness below.

In all, over 30 costumed contestants took the plunge off the needle-shaped tower, trying to win prizes based on outrageous jumping styles. Costume prizes are still up for grabs, as winners will be decided by votes on the A.J. Hackett Macao Tower Facebook page.

A.J. Hackett is the man recognized for popularizing the sport of bungy jumping. Hackett himself jumped off Macao Tower in 2006, setting the world record for the world's highest sky jump. Just one year later, Macao Tower made its own world record by making his extreme experience available to the public, becoming the world's highest commercial bungy.

Location: AJ Hackett Macao Tower Limited, Level T2. Macao, SAR

Fee: $2,488 MOP ($312 USD) for first jump (includes certificate, membership card & T-shirt)