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Daxing: National Drum Dance Contest


Drum Dance Contest,Daxing

The annual traditional folk fair of Daxing District was held in Kangzhuang Park on February 21. It also revealed the National Drum Dance Contest.

Aside from showing a lot of traditional folk performances such as Manchu yangko (a popular rural folk dance), it also welcomed lion dancing from Rongcheng County of Hebei Province and a Taiping Drum performance from Beijing’s Mentougou District, injecting new elements into the traditional folk fair.

In order to add some cultural zest to the fair, organizers arranged reading activities, promoting all kinds of good books and recommending writers' works to visitors. The successors of intangible cultural heritage showcased some excellent handmade crafts.

The fair has set up quarters in Beizangcun, Anding and Qingyundian towns, and will last until the Lantern Festival on February 24.

Furthermore, Daxing will hold a National Drum Dance Contest in Nanhaizi Country Park. Famous drum dance teams from Shaanxi, Henan and Gansu provinces will gather in Daxing and showcase the characteristics of their individual takes on the traditional drum dance.