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Ancient Town in China: Zhongshan


Zhongshan Ancient Town,Chongqing

Zhongshan Ancient Town, also called Sanhechang or Longdongchang, is located in the southern mountain area of Jiangjin, which is 125 kilometers away from Chongqing. It takes about one and a half hours' drive to arrive here.

The ancient town is near the Simianshan Mountain, the national grade scenic area. It was built near a small river and is mainly composed of Longdong (dragon cave), Huangzhong Dam and Gaosheng Bridge. The whole ancient town occupies an area of about 156 square kilometers.

Zhongshan Ancient Town has a history of more than 800 years; it is a typical montanic ancient town with well preserved buildings and passionate people. In 2008, Zhongshan Ancient Town was named one of the "Top Ten Famous Ancient Towns".

Main attractions of Zhongshan Ancient Town include the Old Street, Yong'an Bridge, and Xianggong Tower. The old street extends 700 meters with more than 100 shops along both sides. The street itself is the miniature of the ancient town's history. Paved with old bluestones, the old street takes on an antique and quaint look.