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Flowers in full bloom in China


Flower Bloom

As days are warming up, a blossoming spring is approaching. But flowers in southern China couldn’t wait to stretch their pedals in order to mark the arrival of another season. And those who are preparing a spring outing should pay attention, as we tour around the country to map out a flower trip.

In Guangzhou, the red kapok flowers are as radiant as fire burning on the boughs. Bees and birds are tempted by the city flower of Guangzhou, making a perfect background for photography aficionados.

The Kapok flower is also one of the ingredients for herbal tea which is an indispensable drink for people in Guangdong Province.

Next we move on to Hong Kong, where thousands of gardening fans soaked up the sun at the Hong Kong Flower Show. The city is small in size but rich in sunshine. A variety of flowers are blossoming to add to the city’s green credentials.

Then we head a little bit north to Wenzhou of Zhejiang Province where camellias are decorating the boughs of spring. The flowers are in full bloom in white and pink, swaying under the gentle breeze from the east.

Going north a little bit more, we run into the kingdom of the plum flower, in the city flower of Nanjing. In Chinese culture, the plum flower is often associated with nobleness and virtuousness, as it often blooms in wind and snow in the last days of winter to proclaim the coming of spring.

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