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Spring Tours in China

The arrival of the traditional Chinese Tomb-sweeping Day also marks the highpoint of the spring season. People hold memorial ceremonies for their ancestors and deceased family members, and venture outside to embrace nature as a good sign for a better life on the horizon. This is why the day is also referred to as Taqing, which means “hiking in green.”

It is also the best season to enjoy the beauty of the new flowers in bloom. The kingly peony, the golden cole flower, the elegant cherry blossom and many others bloom throughout China. The cultural surroundings also add greater joy when walking through an ocean of flowers.

Peony in Luoyang, Henan province

Peony has been favored by Chinese people for more than 1,500 years since the Sui and Tang dynasties (581-907). Millions of tourists come to Henan’s Luoyang in spring just to get a glimpse of the regal flower. The city of Luoyang is filled with 40 million peonies of 1,000 different species, which are scattered among more than 10 scenic areas such as Luoyang National Peony Park, China National Flower Park and Suitang Arboretum.

The China Luoyang Peony Cultural Festival has been designated as a state-level intangible cultural heritage, which will be held from April 5 to May 5 this year. Aside from flower exhibitions, there will be a series of cultural events such as art exhibitions, a Chinese chess tournament and group wedding. Some intangible cultural heritage performances like Ruyang puppetry will also be at the festival.

The Cherry blossoms of Kunming, Yunnan province

Located in the northeast corner of Kunming, Yunnan province, Yuantong Hill is the most popular park in the city.

It has been a tradition for Kunming locals to climb Yuantong Hill in order to find themselves lost within a world of flowers. Among the 18,000 square meter area, millions of cherry and crabapple blossoms form a pink sea of color from late February to the middle of April. The flowers here look like bells hanging on branches, swaying with the wind while exuding an intoxicating scent.

Next to the sea of flowers is a zoo, which features more than 500 species of animals, and is always a popular family attraction.

On the hill there is also Yuantong Temple, the town’s largest Buddhist temple. Visitors can enjoy the charm of Tang Dynasty architecture while making wishes to Buddha.