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Explore Shandong on High-speed Rail

Are you still anxious about how to spend the weekend? You should not miss the travel to Shandong on high-speed rail, relaxing comfortably on your seat and enjoying the magnificent scenery outside the window. With traveling up to 300 km per hour, the high-speed train passes through eight cities in Shandong, including Jinan, Tai'an, Qufu and Qingdao, offering multiple options for China tours.

If you set off in Beijing, take the high-speed train G113 9:05/10:44 to Jinan, the “capital of springs” in no more than two hours. Here, delight yourself either by sauntering around the Spouting Spring and tasting a cup of tea made by sweet and clear spring water, or by appreciating the lotuses all over the Daming Lake with weeping willows, flowers and trees on the bank.

At dusk, as you walk through the street and experience the vitality of this modern city, the smell of delicious foods will attract you to one of the restaurants where Shandong Cuisine is served. Discover the Shandong Cuisine and take some favorites home to share with your family.

After dinner, reset out on your journey with the train G155 19:00/ 19:17. It only takes you 17 minutes to arrive Tai’an. Have a good rest in the hotel near Mount Taishan and build up energy to climb the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

If you want to witness the first light of day, start climbing at midnight. As one of the China's most sacred mountains, Mount Taishan is regarded as a holy and sacred place worshiped by both emperors and folks in ancient time. Standing at the foot of Mount Taishan, you can not be more impressed by the imposing and remarkable magnificence and grandness of the mountain. When reaching the top and watching rising sun, all the exhaustion will be wiped out.

Cha Chunk! Cha Chunk! The bullet train continues to travel. At around 10 o’clock, the train D365 takes you to the famous historic city--Qufu.

The whole drive will not take you more than half an hour! As the majestic Mount Taishan fades in the distance and the historic stoned walls come closer into view, the train smoothly snakes into Qufu, where Confucius was born more than 2,500 years ago. By wandering in those magnificent houses with upturned eaves, protruding corners and carved pillars, you may feel like traveling through time.

You can take a rickshaw or carriage to travel leisurely in this historical city, getting an intimate contact with ancient China. The main tourist attractions here are San Kong (Three Confucian): the Confucian temple, the Confucian mansions, and the Confucian forest.

Here I think you should go back home with G140 17:09/19:21 to take a rest in order to make preparation for your work in next week, and also to plan another China tour in Qingdao, Shandong province, which is a must-go place for those preferring a fresh weekend. It is a perfect place to enjoy the mild waves and gentle wind on the seaside after having a relaxing swim near the coast or to drink your fill with the world-famous Qingdao Beer.

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