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Driving on road 318, Sichuan-Tibet Line

With the coming of Mid-autumn Festival holidays and National Day holidays, many tourists would like to have a Tibet tour experience because of its profound culture and mysterious history. 

The peak season of Tibet tour is usually from April to October when sceneries are becoming more fascinating and more breathtaking. For cycling lovers, Sichuan-Tibet section of Road 318 is where beauty coexists with danger. Despite frequent traffic accidents, many cyclists flock to the section in Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan province. 

However, not everyone has a bravest heart. In fact, more people prefer driving to Tibet. Traveling on the road 318, people are reveled in the picturesque scenery on their way. It will be an exciting experience to have self-driving tour to Tibet as well. 

Extract from a photographer’s diary

Road 318 is now becoming a synonym of Sichuan-Tibet line, a must-go tour for tourists and paradise for photographer. I took the opportunity and went on my trip to the place I have dreamed of on June. I set off on road 317, heading to Xindu Bridge. Along the way, I stopped the car frequently to take photos. What I have got on my way is not only the good photos of the landscapes, but also the feeling of freedom as if I was flying in the sky. 

Rolling mountains, snowy peaks, boundless grassland and cattle and sheep on it plus the houses in village, all are under the pure blue sky with white clouds. What a picture of nature! Stretching my body, I take a deep breath of the cool and clean air. The most important thing is that all of these make me feel good. We have traveled that far to get the peace of happiness. It is really worthwhile.