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Yan Tai, a wonderland in Shandong Province


Which is more attractive for you, a place with golden sand and blue sea, a place with a centuries-old history, a place with magnificent architectures or a place with various cultures­ For those who answer "all", you are luckily enough to know one city that contains everything, that is Yantai in Shandong Province.


Located in the east of Shandong Peninsula, Yantai borders to the cities Qingdao and Weihai, and abuts on Bohai Sea to the north. The city possesses a total area of 13,000 km2. Yantai boasts various splendid tourism resource including mountains, sea and beautiful city view.




Nanshan Scenic Area

The most famous attraction of Yantai is Nanshan Scenic Area. It is a leisure destination with incredible natural beauty. Many of the cultural attractions such as Nanshan Temple, Nanshan Buddha, Xiangshui Temple, Lingyuan Temple are worth to go a visit. Built at the side of the mountain, the scenic area doesn't only renowned by pavilions and pagodas, but also features spectacular natural beauty, the rivers and forest accompany the old buildings.



Mou's Manor

Mou's Manor is located 60km to the west of Yantai downtown. It is the former residence of Mou's family. Mou's Manor is one of the largest, best-preserved and most quintessential houses in China. It's really a rarity of traditional architecture in China. Firstly constructed during the Yongzheng Period of Qing Dynasty and after one hundred-year's expansion, it covers an area of 20,000 square meters with over 480 rooms. The Mou's Manor reflects profound traditional Chinese culture and superb architectural art of ancient China.



Fruits feast

Yantai is reputed as the "Hometown of Fruits". Fruit industry plays an important role in Yantai economy. Yantai is abundant with apple, Laiyang Pear, grape, hawthorn, big cherry and Chinese chestnut etc. Yantai is the Key Fruit Export Base in north China and the biggest Red Fuji Apple Production Base, which has 186,700 hectares of top–grade apple orchard. You can surely have a big fruit meal there.



Leisure atmosphere

If you have more free time during spring or autumn, just stay in Yantai for a couple of days is definitely an enjoyable experience. The weather is comfortable and the city is clean. The street is tranquil. People love to go for a walk along the sea side and enjoy the slow life. Besides, for the golf lovers, Yantai has an international golf course located in the beautiful Nanshan Scenic Area.