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Disney Resort making plans for arrival of visitors

Shanghai Disney Resort operators are working to ensure the smooth flow of visitors when the theme park opens next year, a top project official said.

At peak times, visitors will be directed to supporting facilities around the resort, Fan Xiping, executive deputy head of the construction headquarters of the Shanghai International Tourism Resort, told Shanghai Daily.

Plans have been made with government departments to coordinate the Metro, taxis, public and tourist buses and parking lots.

The resort will also work with the domestic tourism industry to design ticket plans that seek to balance visitor numbers on peak and trough days, Fan said.

"To keep the operation smooth and ensure the safety of visitors during peak visiting periods, extreme weather and emergencies are our top concerns," he said.

Four parking areas with attached green areas will be built around the resort. Parking areas will have sufficient lots so visitors can choose various methods to get to the resort Ñ including subway, taxi, special bus lines and private vehicles, Fan added.

Covering 3.9 square kilometers, the resort in Chuansha in the Pudong New Area will be Disney's first on China's mainland.

Other supporting facilities, including commercial and visitors service centers, have also been planned near the entrances to the park, according to the Municipal Bureau of Planning and Land Resources.

Two theme hotels, recreational facilities and a lake will also feature.

The Disney Resort and support facilities will be completed by the end of 2015, the Shanghai government has said.

"All the major constructions will start this year while detailed traffic, security and emergency plans will be in place by the end of the year," said Fan.

Disney classics meet Chinese elements

Shanghai Disney Resort is set to blend classic Disney storytelling and characters with new attractions and experiences tailored specifically for Chinese people.

"Chinese elements" have been an integral part of the resort plan since day one, said Fan.

He described these as "a promise to the visitors" and predicted that the Chinese flavor to the project would be "a highlight of the resort."

The elements will inform scenery designs, dining facilities, entertainment and performances and the naming of the resort scenery and facilities, said Fan.

"We hope that visitors to Shanghai Disney will appreciate the scenery, parades, performances, accommodation, dining and shopping within the resort," Fan added.

Mickey Mouse ... and industry boost

As well as bringing Mickey Mouse and friends to Shanghai, the Disney Resort is also expected to act as a driver in the development of local industries, Fan said.

Construction and management experience garnered in the project will improve management standards in domestic construction, he said.

China's largest environmental evaluation and treatment of polluted earth has been carried out on site. Some 40,000 square meters of polluted earth have been treated, and some 200 creeks filled in.

Furthermore, tree planting, new- energy use and environmental protection have brought in global standards that combine well with local practices, added Fan.

Green areas feature nutrient-rich soil specially composed for a wide variety of trees and plants, including thousands of trees collected from across China. More than 10,000 are being planted in the resort area.

"And the resort will also boost tourism of the surrounding region, as well as the urbanization of central Pudong New Area," Fan added.