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Pudong to house tourism center

The Pudong New Area will establish a tourism center and build a variety of new tourist attractions before the 2010 World Expo, a city newspaper has reported.

The Pudong government is planning to develop tourism projects featuring the area's unique features over the next three years so that the expected 70 million visitors to the World Expo can enjoy a wider selection of entertainment in the city, the Youth Daily reported today.

The new tourist attractions will include sightseeing, shopping and water themes as well as trips to financial centers, scientific venues and historical and cultural sites.

The report did not say where the planned center would be located but said the government promised to speed up the construction of tourism facilities. At least three tourism service centers will be built, one in the Pudong International Airport.

Tourism has become a major section of Pudong's modern service industry bringing 7.2 billion yuan (US$1 billion) to the New Area last year, the report said.

(source:Shanghai Daily)