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China to build world's fastest rail link

China plans to build the world's fastest rail line linking its capital Beijing with financial capital Shanghai, which will cut the journey time to four hours as compared to current 10-12 hours.

New technology will enable trains to travel at 380 km an hour to cover 1,318-km stretch between the two important cities, 30 km per hour more than the current generation of bullet trains. Previously these trains had been planned to run at 350 kilometres an hour.

"The quickest trains can currently travel between Beijing and Shanghai is 10 hours. It is possible that we can start to manufacture 380 km/h trains in two years' time and put them into service on the Beijing-Shanghai high speed railway," said Zhang Shuguang, the Ministry of Railways' deputy chief engineer.

Construction has begun on the new rail line in April and is expected to become operational by 2012. The new line will be the longest high-speed railway to be built in one go in the world.