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Olympics to boost travel to host cities

The Bird's Nest, the Water Cube and the Olympic Park are set to become Beijing's newest tourist attractions, once the Paralymic Games are finally over. Travel agencies are already planning new Olympic-related itineraries that include these special highlights.

It seems that many visitors could be switching away from old favorites like Tian'anmen Square, the Forbidden City, and the Great Wall, to the modern charms of the Olympic venues.

The number of tourists from other cities are also expected to climb during the holidays over the National Day period in early October. The Bird's Nest, the Water Cube and the Olympic Park as fast emerging as big draws in Beijing.

Meanwhile, other Olympic host cities such as Hong Kong and Qingdao are also drawing up itineraries related to the Games.

Recent data from travel agencies shows that Olympic venues and nearby areas are likely to receive more than 800-thousand visitors every day during the upcoming Golden Week over the National Day Holiday.(