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Visitors From Mainland Need A Valid Endorsement To Enter Macau

From September 1, 2008, Chinese mainland citizens who hold a passport for Hong Kong and Macau with an endorsement to Hong Kong but without a valid endorsement to Macau will be not allowed to enter Macau via Hong Kong.

Both outbound and inbound tourists who intend to visit both Hong Kong and Macau need to hold endorsements for Hong Kong and Macau.

If passengers fly from Beijing Airport Terminal 3 to Hong Kong without an endorsement to Macau, they will be reminded not to enter Macau via Hong Kong; while passengers for flights to Macau without a valid endorsement to Macau will not be permitted to board.

Travelers are required to have valid endorsements to Hong Kong and Macau when participating in Hong Kong and Macau tours. The additional fee for two endorsements is about CNY20 more than before. (