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See all the Olympic venues for 100 yuan

The Olympic Green will be thrown open to thousands of sports aficionados from home and abroad during this year's National Day Golden Week. Beijing Municipal Tourism Bureau has launched a tour entitled "Come to Beijing, Experience the Olympics" to give visitors a flavor of the 2008 Games.

Entrance to the Olympic Green itself requires a ticket but is free. Those who want to visit the Bird's Nest or the Water Cubic will have to pay. A combined ticket to three Olympic venues located in the Olympic Green, plus the Olympic Village costs 100 yuan (about US$15).

Individual ticket prices for the venues are as follows; the Bird's Nest -- 50 yuan, the Water Cube -- 30 yuan, the National Indoor Stadium and the Olympic Village -- 20 yuan each.

120,000 individual tickets and 3,000 combined tickets will be available daily.

There are several ticket booths across the city: at the north gate of the Worker's Stadium; at the China Open (Tennis) center; at the Chengxiang Shopping Center and at the Daguanlou Cinema in Qianmen. For the convenience of tourists from outside the capital, there are also two booths located at the exits of the West Railway Station.

People can also book tickets through hotlines: 6551 6593, 6538 8359.

Free tickets to the Olympic Green will be distributed to Beijing residents and to tourists through travel agencies, according to Gu Xiaoyuan, deputy director of the Municipal Tourism Bureau.

Some 250,000 free tickets will be handed out from September 25 to 28 and half of the volume will be available after the Golden Week starts on September 29.