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Blogging tourists take in Shanghai

A group of Swiss travel insiders have been roaming Shanghai for the past two days and blogging about their experiences.


Organized by a Swiss magazine, they recorded their experiences with articles, pictures and video clips on, a Swiss tourism Website written in German and French.


After arriving in the city on Sunday night, the travelers split into five groups to check out different attractions across Shanghai.


"We are amazed by the mixing culture in Shanghai," said Michael Gaszczyk, one group member.


Gaszczyk said they wanted their blog to give Swiss people a general idea of Shanghai and attract more Swiss travelers to the city.


They left last night for Nanjing, where they will stay until Friday. Readers of the blog can vote for their favorite group's work and get the chance to win a free airline ticket to Switzerland, among other prizes.


(Shanghai Daily December 10, 2008)