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Ctrip refunds surcharge differences to travelers

As both Cathay Pacific Airways and Hong Kong Dragon Airlines have greatly decreased their surcharges on the routes between mainland China and Hong Kong, every tourist can save about CNY160 per trip according to Ctrip's new surcharge collection standards. has announced that if Ctrip customers have booked vacation products related on routes with adjusted surcharges and have tickets printed after December 1, Ctrip would return the price differences to the traveler even though they have paid all expenses at full price.


Guo Guang, director of Ctrip's Holiday Service, told local media that the refund will be made to thousands of tourists departing from over ten cities around China including Shanghai and Beijing. And every traveler will receive refunds according to their departure locations and the airlines' refund amounts, ranging from CNY150 to CNY200.


(China Hospitality News December 11, 2008)