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Less waiting time as new Metro trains get on track

There is good news for Metro passengers with the intervals on three major Metro lines in Shanghai being reduced as more trains are put into service tomorrow.


Metro Line 4, the city's only circular route that runs through downtown and offers transfers to other lines, will have another six trains in service from tomorrow to ensure shorter intervals on trains traveling clockwise, the Metro operators said yesterday.


The wait between trains will be reduced from the current 11 minutes to just 5 minutes and 30 seconds.


The capacity on the busier anti-clockwise Line 4 has already been improved to ensure similar shorter intervals.


Rush-hour commuters can expect less crowding and spend less time waiting.


The six Line 4 trains had been in use on Line 2 to help ease its operating pressures. They are being returned to Line 4 because eight new larger-capacity trains have arrived in town and are gradually being put into service on Line 2.


Line 1 will also have improved capacity with new trains going into service. The operators said three new trains will be put on to Line 1.


The intervals on its route between Shanghai Railway Station and Xinzhuang Station will be 14 seconds shorter than the current 2 minutes and 59 seconds, and there will be a 30-second cut in the interval on its longer route between Fujin Road Station and Xinzhuang Station.


With one new train, Line 2's operating interval will be three seconds shorter than the current 3 minutes and 12 seconds.


More vehicles will be added to Line 1 and 2 early next month before the Spring Festival period as the Metro authority completes its trials of the new trains.


(Shanghai Daily December 22, 2008)