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Plenty of ideas to fix Pudong's traffic

A total of 2,690 Chinese people and more than 100 expats have offered more than 5,000 suggestions to help solve traffic problems since November 4, Pudong police said yesterday.


About 160 road-widening and reconstruction projects are under way in the area for the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, and all that construction is causing traffic headaches.


Pudong traffic police asked people to send in innovative ideas to help solve the problems they encounter in their daily lives.


Rush-hour traffic jams received the most attention. More than 26.7 percent of respondents had ideas about how to keep traffic flowing smoothly during rush hours. Jaywalking ranked second, accounting for 20.45 percent of submissions.


About 17 percent offered suggestions about the illegal operation of tricycles; 15.74 percent had something to say about car parking, and 7.91 percent about road-facilities management.


Expats mainly focused on the management of driving licenses and car parking, taxi detours and cab drivers refusing to take passengers, plus education about local traffic regulations in languages other than Chinese.


Some expats complained that vehicles turning right do not give way to pedestrians waiting on crossings.


Twelve of the most valuable ideas will be announced and honored next month.


(Shanghai Daily December 23, 2008)