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Songjiang renovation survey carried out

To protect the local heritage and pave the way for reconstruction of the old town in Songjiang District, the local government is conducting an overall survey of Cangcheng and Fucheng, two sites of historic and cultural importance in the district.


More than 30,000 drawings have been made by 100 technicians who researched more than 1,800 houses and buildings at Cangcheng, officials said yesterday.


They said renovation of the Shihe River at Fucheng will begin next year and planning work for the site is in full swing.


Covering an area of 20 square kilometers, the old town of Songjiang is facing problems such as unequal living standards, traffic congestion and the lack of new infrastructure and public facilities.


Over the next two years, the local government will invest 42 million yuan (US$6.15 million) to complete the reconstruction of natural gas facilities in the district.


This year, the local government is investing 40.36 million yuan in renovating 213 houses, about 7.77 million yuan in restoring 180 buildings and 4.8 million yuan in rebuilding five old residential buildings.


A total investment of 50 million yuan will be spent on improving housing conditions in the district next year.


Officials also said Metro Line 9, which is to be extended south within the district, will connect to the main rail line that links Shanghai to Hangzhou and Ningbo, benefiting migrant workers.


(Shanghai Daily December 26, 2008)