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Air China introduces through check-in service

Air China recently announced that passengers who change flights during their trip will now be able to complete all their check-in processes at their point of origin rather than checking in again when transferring between flights.


In addition, passengers' baggage will be sent directly to their final destination. This new process is said to reduce the length of time passengers spend transferring by as much as two-thirds: to less than one hour. By the end of 2008, this new service was already fully operational at more than 70 airports, including 40 domestic airports and 30 international airports.


Zhang Chunzhi, the general manager of Air China's Marketing Department, has stated that that as China's flag carrier, Air China consistently aims to provide a reliable, effective, and efficient service to their customers at home and abroad and this new through check-in process is seen as providing an even higher level of service to their passengers.


This new service, available to passengers holding through tickets, is applicable to both domestic and international flights. Air China has set up information counters at participating airports with staff on hand to answer any questions passengers may have when in transit. At these booths, Air China staff will be able to check for flight information and monitor passengers' checked baggage by computer.


(China Hospitality News January 6, 2008)