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Chongqing promulgates model tourism contract

The Chongqing Municipal Department for Industry and Commerce and Chongqing Municipal Tourism Administration have jointly released a model tourism contract for senior citizens.


Based on the ordinary tourism contract, this special contract has additional provisions for travel safety, travel service, and the rights and obligations of the contract parties taking into account the special aspects of senior citizens' travel.


Drafted with consideration to senior citizen's travel activities, the new model contract features senior tourists' health status, travel service and schedules, contract transfer letters, and travel insurance.


The model contract says if senior tourists' rights are infringed or if they have complaints about the quality of travel services, then they can ask the travel agency for a solution, or go to the local travel quality supervision department to apply for a arbitration, or even file a lawsuit in the local court.


(China Hospitality News January 7, 2009)