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Jinan Hotel loses star

Jinan Hotel, a two-star hotel in Shandong Province, has had its star qualification revoked following an audit in 2008.


According to the audit result published by the Jinan Municipal Star Grade Hotel Assessment Commission, 19 out of the 21 two-star hotels of the city had passed assessment and two of them, including Jinan Hotel, had lost their stars. Jinan Hotel lost the star rating because it had converted all its hotel rooms into offices and its facilities did not meet the required standard.


As the first hotel in Jinan approved to receive foreign guests, Jinan Hotel used to be very popular. It received many celebrities and Chinese leaders, including Chairman Mao Zedong, Zhu De, and Peng Dehuai.


Dong Lianzhu, president of Jinan Hotel, said they don't plan to change their business model after losing the star qualification, and they are confident that they will win back the qualification. Dong said that they would demolish the old bungalows of the hotel and build a new building combining hotel rooms, swimming pool and entertainment venues with high-end facilities to resume their past glamor.


Located on 240 Jingsan Road, Jinan, Jinan Hotel features courtyard style architecture and it is commonly known as The Garden Hotel.


(China Hospitality News January 7, 2009)