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New transit hub to ease North Bund traffic

Traffic in the North Bund area will improve with wider roads and more bus terminals when a new transit hub is established in the area, Hongkou District Urban Planning Bureau said today.


Hongkou's planners have been inspired by the latest blueprint of Metro extensions announced last week, with the future Metro Line 12 having two stations inside the North Bund area.


The future Metro artery will run across downtown and connect the southwest to the northeast.


Line 12 will stop near two underground stations in the Tilanqiao area, alongside the Huangpu River.


Hongkou's planners have decided to also boost road access in the area to keep pace with the development of Metro services, the bureau said.


Dong Daming Road and Dong Changzhi Road, two major arterial roads in the area leading to downtown, will both be widened in the next two years.


Meanwhile, the former site of Tilanqiao, or Tilan Bridge, will become a bus terminal hub.


This means traffic congestion will be eased in rush hours where roads are currently mostly narrow and single-lane. Nearby residents could also have more choices of bus routes.


The road traffic improvements are expected to be completed before 2012 when Line 12 opens.


Line 12 will also include a station next to Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal which caters to most passenger liners visiting Shanghai.


(Shanghai Daily January 7, 2009)