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Tianjin to review star-rated hotels

Tianjin Municipal Tourism Administration says it will conduct an audit on the 118 star-rated hotels of the city to enhance their management levels and quality of service.


It says the audit will be carried out on the hardware and software facilities of all star-rated hotels in accordance with the national standard for the Assessment and Classification of Star-rated Hotels and the industry standard of Standard of Inspections on Star-rated Hotels. This includes checking the maintenance of their equipment and facilities, sanitation, service quality, service procedures, and management rules. Hotels that fail to meet the stated standard will receive a warning, be criticized, downgraded, or have their star-rate revoked.


To ensure that each hotel will constantly improve its service quality, the inspection team will randomly conduct spot-checks on hotels taking into account the results of the annual audit. In addition an inspection alliance will be set up among the hotels to check each others' work.


(China Hospitality News January 9, 2009)