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Beijing received 20 complaints from tourists

According to the Beijing Tourism Administration, in the fourth quarter of 2008 Beijing received 20 complaints from tourists. These involved a total of 14 travel agencies.


Of the 20 complaints, 17 were about domestic travel. In particular, 11 of these were about the way Beijing received guests. Most complaints were about the lack of service awareness and the poor sense of responsibility shown by some tour guides in Beijing. In addition, they were also dissatisfied with travel agencies changing routes and supplying lower standards of accommodation and food.


There were three complaints on outbound travel, which mainly involved trips to Thailand and Australia.The 14 travel agencies in question are: Beijing Shengshi Jijin Travel Agency Company, Beijing Huanqiu Jiari Travel Agency, Beijing Haoshi Travel Agency, Beijing Capital Travel Agency Company, Qihai International Travel Agency, Beijing Kangxiang Jiari International Travel Company, Beijing Youlian Travel Agency, Beijing Shanglv Online Travel Agency, China Merchants International Travel Corp.Ltd., Beijing Diaoyutai International Travel Agency, Beijing Qingchuan Jiari Travel Agency Company, Beijing Huashengheng Travel Agency Company, Beijing Mingdu Tengda Travel Agency Company, and Sun Star Int'l Travel Service.


(China Hospitality News January 9, 2009)