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CAAC aims for worry-free New Year flights

The Civil Aviation Administration of China has asked all aviation service providers in the country to be fully prepared for the Spring Festival air transportation period by not only ensuring transport safety, but also keeping the passengers worry-free.


This year's Spring Festival transportation period in China will last for 40 days from January 11, 2009 to February 29, 2009. To make sure the aviation transportation work is well done during this period, CAAC has issued a circular asking its affiliates to strengthen their leadership, ensure safety, and constantly improve their service level. It specially asks them to pay close attention to weather changes and flight operation and to be properly prepared to respond to emergencies. In addition, it asks that transportation power to be rationally arranged and priority to be given to emergency materials.


CAAC has set up a work team to be responsible for the air transportation work during the Chinese new year transportation period.


(China Hospitality News January 12, 2009)