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2009 Beijing Chaoyang International Spring Carnival

The 2009 International Spring Carnival will be held in Beijing Chaoyang Park from January 26th to 31th (1st to 6th of the first month in Chinese lunar calendar).

The Chaoyang International Spring Carnival made its debut in 2002 and has been celebrated annually since then. As one of the largest cultural programs of Beijing and one of the most popular events during the Spring Festival, the festival features performances, entertainment, shopping and sport. 

The 2009 Spring Carnival is characterized by Russia role play, Greece dances, British street art and New Zealand Hakas.

Opening Hours: 6:00-21:00
Ticket Selling Time: 8:00-17:00
Ticket for the festival: 10 Yuan
Bus Route: 731, 117, 302, 406, 635, 758, 973, 431
Phone: (010)65953647
Parking space available.