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Parkview O City Hotel Shenzhen unveiled

OCT has announced the opening of its newest property, Parkview O City Hotel Shenzhen, which it has branded as a "traveling hotel".


Parkview O City Hotel at Wind Valley in OCT East is a combination of a permanent building and luxury "Motohomes". The hotel contains 159 guest rooms, an all-day dining cafe, KTV, recreation room, and a full-size swimming pool. Its three multi-function rooms with a total area 350 square meters can accommodate up to 200 guests.


Equipped with traveling, living, entertainment and audio-video facilities, the Motohomes, which are imported from Germany, are described as being made from environmentally-friendly aeronautic materials and featuring a fashionable exterior design and a streamlined interior style. Each Motohome is divided into several areas, including a parlor, a rest area, and a kitchen. In the the parlor, there is a sofa and a storage bin for luggage while in the rest area, there are four large beds, a large plasma TV, and a mini bar.


(China Hospitality January 15, 2009)