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People's Square Metro gets a bit more space

An extra platform and five new escalators will go into service today at the People's Square Metro Station to ease the overcrowding that has been disturbing passengers from Line 8 trains.


The new platform is on the other side of the tracks. Trains on Line 8 will now open their doors on both sides at the People's Square Station.


The five extra escalators only travel upward.


"With the extra platform and escalators, we hope the crowds will be able to leave and disperse quickly after they get off the trains on Line 8," said Huang Qiongnuo, an official with Shanghai Metro Operation Co Ltd.


She said the number of passengers riding Metro Line 8 every day jumped to 200,000 after it was opened in December 2007. During rush hours, the original platform for Line 8 at the People's Square Station had constantly been overcrowded as people could not get off the platform quickly because it was too narrow. Most of the passengers are interchanging to Lines 1 or 2.


"We had a lot of complaints from passengers about safety. So we decided to make use of the space originally reserved to park trains and build an extra platform," Huang said.


"The builders overcame major difficulties because they could only work from 11pm to 4am after the Metro closed and had to avoid disturbing normal Metro services."


(Shanghai Daily January 24, 2009)